Who We Are

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Management Solutions, Talent Solutions is a premier project controls training, workforce development, and recruiting firm. We specialize in improving organizational performance by training project controls professionals to employ proven, sustainable solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

What Sets Us Apart

Talent Solutions grew out of Management Solutions’ expertise in technology driven engineering processes, enhanced professional standards, and innovative solutions. We strive to produce project controls professionals who consistently deliver significant cost reductions, improved efficiencies, expedited project completion, and increased business value to our clients. Our best-in-class project controls training program ensures our clients the best, most reliable, and innovative project controllers.

What We Do

Talent Solutions delivers customized project controls training programs to a wide variety of commercial businesses and government agencies. By combining Management Solutions’ decades of hard won, practical, project controls expertise with a best in class learning management platform, our project controls training program provides value well beyond the scope of a specific project. Talent Solutions strives to instill a culture of innovation, humility, and forethought that immediately creates business value for every client.

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Award Winning

Management Solutions is a national award-winning performance and consulting firm that specializes in improving organizational performance through proven sustainable solutions, customized to meet our clients’ and partners’ needs. Founded in 2002 by CEO Misty Mayes, we serve clients in government (federal and state) non-profit and commercial sectors.

Technical Experts

As experts, we believe that effective performance delivery should be the rule, not the exception. Management Solutions is focused on providing technical knowledge, enhancing professional standards and developing innovative solutions that increase productivity and add business value for our clients.


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Social Impact:
Expanding Economic Opportunity

Creating a Place at the Table

Throughout her thirty-year career in project controls, Management Solutions’ founder Misty Mayes always wondered why there weren’t more people at the table who looked like her. As a woman who founded a STEM business in Southern Appalachia, Misty is passionate about supporting the next generation of project control professionals, especially those from historically under-represented backgrounds.

Expanding Opportunities for Women

After building the business she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, Misty has sought to expand opportunities for women and under-represented groups in project controls and beyond through her advocacy for female entrepreneurs on Capitol Hill and her championing of both secondary and post-secondary education throughout Greater Appalachia.

Talent Solutions’ Mission

Talent Solutions evolved out of Misty’s desire to create well-paying, sustainable careers for aspiring project controllers. Misty has spent her career recognizing opportunities where others saw only challenges, and that’s why Talent Solutions seeks out client sites in rural or economically disadvantaged regions, and targets historically under-represented populations for its program. Talent Solutions wants to be at the vanguard of efforts to provide meaningful work, dignity, and improved quality of life to people no matter where they live or who they are.

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Building Traditions

Talent Solutions is also passionate about construction trades and has developed a partnership with Building Traditions, a community centered apprenticeship program designed to address the growing shortage of skilled construction trades workers. Building Traditions provides accredited training, pathways to success, and the first steps toward rewarding and sustainable careers.

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